Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Latest Goings On

Just Me Playing Bass.  Some Selections I've Chosen that I play on.

Looking for a new player since Muziboo quit.

"I think it's important that every song has it's own bass line identity."  ...Dallas Morning News.

theJKS Live - How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is a Vampire from Justin Kipker on Vimeo.
Live - How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is a Vampire from Justin Kipker on Vimeo.

Zane Lewis -  Bad Ass Country Band
The Justin Kipker Show - Rusty Cage Remake (Johnny Cash Style)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Music Style

Sharing a joke on stage
Relaxing back stage B4 show @ HOB
Ring Leader says it's SHOWTIME!!!

Crap!!  We're missing a guitar.  300 miles later.   (never found it)

A Happy 116 degrees 4th of July!!
(Why didn't he wear shorts, too??)

European Tour #3

Playing Rock Band in Hotel (for Vid shoot)
Turning 21, Rehearsing for Tour, Burbank CA.

OMG Fresh Out of High School

...and now back to business.......

I like to play and listen to all types of music.
What works for me is a certain amount of freedom to improvise and contribute to the music/song.

" I like to play with dynamics.  A full deep sound for some songs or a little edgy, little gritty for others."

 I have a few bass compositions that I play as solo pieces during shows (see above MP3 Player). These are used as interludes and show pieces.

I have played guitar for 27 years, acoustic and electric. I also play keyboards (Roland GAIA SH-01, Novation UltraNova) and custom bass synth pedals. 

Theatres, Festivals, House of Blues...and Gear

"Yeah, the straw cowboy hat....well, its two-fold I guess.  It keeps the lights and the sweat out of my eyes and keeps me from getting sunburned on the outdoor stages." ...Buddy Music Magazine.

The musicians that spark my creativity and influence how I play are: Geddy Lee (Rush), Joe Schermie (Three Dog Night), John Paul Jones (Led Zepplin), Mel Schacher (Grand Funk),  Stanley Clark, John Taylor (Duran Duran), Adam Clayton (U2),  Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Flea (RHCP), .... This list is always growing!!

Gear:   Gear:   Gear:    Basses:, Fender Basses- Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Basses,  Fender Precision 4 and 5 string,  Ibanez ATK 5 String,  Thunderbird 4 and 5 string,  Custom 5 string.   Guitars: Vintage Strat, SG Classic, Ibanez Artcore Hollowbody, Yamaha Electric Acoustic guitar.

Amps: Amps: Amps:   Aguilar Tone Hammer (350 watts),  Gallien Krueger MB500 (500 watts),  Carvin BX-500 tube (500 watts).  (2) Orange SP212 Cab (600 watts per cab),  (2) Epifani  2 x 12 cabinets (600 watts per cab.),  Acoustic 260  Micro Stack. (1x10, 100 watts).

This is my space to let you know what I am up to in my music career

Some of the Bands and Musicians I've Recorded and Performed with in the last six years:

Black Sun Rising
Heather Roberts Band
Justin Kipker Show
Jeff Martin
Jay Hollis
Zane Lewis
The Band Perry
The Killdares
Under The Wool

Zane Lewis

The Killdares (I'm on far left)


It's all about the Music...

...Over the last 6 years, I have played on average 140+ shows a year.

 I have toured the world 5 times and have been on US and Worldwide radio stations, had 3 songs that I co-wrote and one CD get submitted for Grammy consideration, had one song nominated for a Grammy, have been on 11 albums and performed on several  Local, National, International TV stations.
I have had 14 songs on the airwaves in the last 6 yrs with various bands and performers.
 Recorded and submitted some music for a couple of TV shows that aired this 2013 season.
Over the last few years I have played on average 140 shows a year.  
Have 2 songs recorded for an upcoming Film to be released in late 2014 or early 2015

Shared Stages & Good times with:

  • The Black Crowes             
  • Eli Young Band
  • The Band Perry
  • Grace Potter
  • Jason Aldean Band
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Charlie Robison
  • Firefall
  • Mark Chestnut
  • Gin Blossoms
  • Gaelic Storm
  • Great Big Sea
  • Adam Ant
  • Ian Hunter
  • Kevin Fowler
  • GIAA
and others... Kris Allen, Stoney LaRue, Mark McKinney, Dave Mason, Seven Nations, Enter The Haggis, Krokus, Aaron Watson, Mark Chestnut, Cowboy MouthGreat White, Pat Green, Steven Pearcy to name but a few.

Sold Out!  Literally, at the House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Two sold out performances at Dallas' House of Blues in one year!!  (2009)

Contact Info: